During the implementation of our customers’ ERP, BI of CRM software, we’ve experienced that they all encounter similar problems. That’s why we also support them during the phase of maintenance and continuous improvement which starts after Go-Live. We know it is tempting to implement all the functionality a package has to offer but that has proven to be very demanding for the organisation. It usually also impacts the duration of the project plus associated costs! After go-live there is time to get acquainted to the new system. This will enable you to specify the need for further improvements of both the business processes and the functionality of the system. A mechanism of continuous enhancements gives your organisation the flexibility to adapt to changing market situations. At this moment many of our customers are extending their capabilities by implementing BI and CRM solutions on top of their ERP solutions. And also here we assist them again in this process by adding our knowledge and experience. Lofis Consulting supports customers in all stages of the ERP, BI and CRM life-cycle. We value quality and simplicty by combining our detailed configuration knowledge with project management skills. In doing so we can ensure that critical roles and activities in your project/organisation are properly covered.